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Pure, Clean, Plant-Based EGF Skin Care

Best Sellers.

Green and white striped, square-shaped package with a clear bottle of BIOEFFECT Anti-Aging Skincare EGF Serum 15mL to the right of the package.
Green-and-white striped package of BIOEFFECT Hydrating Cream with a wide, round bottle to the right of the package.
Green-and-white striped, rectangular-shaped package with a bottle of BIOEFFECT EGF Under Eye Skin Care Eye Serum to the right of the package.

Imprinting Hydrogel Mask.

Maximize the effect of BIOEFFECT Serums and treat yourself to intense, instant results.

White package of BIOEFFECT EGF Skincare Imprinting Hydrogel Face Mask with a bottle of EGF Serum laying on a black-and-white terrazzo surface under clear water.

EGF Power Cream.

Introducing a new generation of anti-aging face cream. A deeply nourishing, luxurious EGF face cream that is a multi-tasking miracle worker – targeting wrinkles, age spots, loss of firmness and density, as well as dehydration

EGF Serum.

Award-winning, anti-aging serum with Barley EGF to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boost hydration, and restore younger-looking skin with only 7 pure ingredients.

From $65.00

Minimal, all-white image featuring a bottle of BIOEFFECT EGF Skincare Anti-Aging Serum 15mL laying flat atop a clear, round shape on a white countertop.

Our Stories.


Start the New Year with Healthy Skin.

January is the month where many switch up their routines and try to improve their lifestyle, whether it is by exercising more, taking up a new hobby, drinking more water, or decluttering your home. But what about your skincare?


New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2022.

The start of the new year is a great time to review old habits and start creating some positive new ones, and if you start your new skincare habits off with a bang at the beginning of January, you’ll be enjoying the rewards by February.


Party Season Skin Pampering.

The holiday season can take a toll on our skin as many of us contend with harsh weather changes, the stress of organizing family events and then, of course, the excesses that can come with this time of year as we often eat and drink a little more than usual. With all this going on, it’s hardly surprising that our skin tends to bear the brunt and can often look less than its best. So, now is the perfect time to plan a little skin pampering to make sure your skin is party ready.


Where Can You Find Us?

In recent years, many have switched to online shopping out of sheer convenience – and in the last two years it became a matter of necessity. You can shop online here at and get exclusive deals and samples with your purchase, but you can also find our range at these online retailers:


The Power of EGF, Now in a Cream.

Introducing a new force in the fight against aging: the BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream. This deeply nourishing, luxurious EGF cream is a multi-tasking miracle worker – targeting wrinkles, age spots, loss of firmness and density, as well as dehydration. It features a unique blend of potent plant actives that totally transform your complexion to look brighter and more youthful. It really is no wonder we have named it the EGF Power Cream.


Hydrating Cream Wins Best Moisturizer.

We are so proud to announce that our Hydrating Cream won the best moisturizer category in the Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2021


BIOEFFECT Wins Marie Claire Sustainability Award.

BIOEFFECT was crowned the WINNER for Best Use of Technology for Good in the Marie Claire’s first ever Sustainability Awards 2021! Marie Claire created these great awards to provide a way to champion brands doing good and making a difference in our crucially eco-conscious world - “Celebrating brands with purpose”.