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6 Essentials for a Hydrating, Winter Skin Care Routine.

It’s well known that hydration is vitally important for visibly healthy, glowing skin and that dry winter climates and indoor heating can contribute to skin that becomes dehydrated and dull-looking. But do you know what products to use on your skin so that it is actually hydrated and looks smooth, bright, and more radiant? The following BIOEFFECT recommendations and tips are for all skin types and can help you achieve the plump, hydrated, and fresh-looking complexion you seek.

One-Step Facial Cleanse: Micellar Water.

It’s great to give your skin a nice break from regular tap water, especially if it’s not well-filtered. Our gentle Micellar Cleansing Water is a highly effective face cleanser, and it’s softer on the skin because it’s purified water that’s low in hard minerals known to be drying to skin. This moisturizing, scentless cleanser water can easily remove dirt, excess oil, impurities and makeup without stripping your skin or leaving behind any residue.

An Extra Layer of Hydration: EGF Facial Essence.

With a few splashes of our facial essence after cleansing, you can deliver a dose of added moisture that your skin can hold onto. Have you discovered the beauty of using this hybrid type of product between steps in your skincare routine? Our lightweight EGF Essence pulls moisture into the skin, toning it at the same time, while prepping the skin to receive any serums or moisturizers that follow.

Our Plant-Based Hero: Barley Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

By harnessing the power of biotechnology and nature, our scientists have brought to life plant-based EGF from barley plants. When used topically in our high-performance EGF skin care line, barley EGF helps your skin retain moisture, leaving it more hydrated, plumper, and firmer-looking with consistent use. Barley EGF is a moisture-binding signaling protein that helps refresh your complexion by supporting the natural production of collagen.

Before Moisturizer or Makeup: Age-Defying Serum for Daytime or Night.

It’s important not to skip the serum in your skin care regimen during winter, especially a serum like one of BIOEFFECT’s that is designed to help improve the moisture levels in skin. A versatile, lightweight serum like the moisture-binding protein in our plant-based EGF is great for all skin types and helps support smooth, healthy-looking skin. Simply apply 2-4 drops to your face, neck, and décolleté and let it absorb before applying moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup.

Refresh Skin Throughout the Day with OSA Water Mist.

If you’re feeling stressed or flushed throughout the day, reach for our skin-calming OSA Water Mist that also provides the perfect hydration boost. Keeping it refrigerated will make it feel especially refreshing. Just a few spritzes onto your face before your next in-person meeting or online conference, and your complexion will look and feel refreshed. Our face mist also features hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight to help deliver deep hydration. Another great ingredient in it is orthosilicic acid, a trace mineral that promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin.

For Even More Hydration… Add a Face Moisturizer.

While many serums work well on their own to hydrate the skin, sometimes skin needs greater nourishment and hydration and that’s where adding a moisturizer comes in. It’s best to look for a clean moisturizer like our Hydrating Cream designed to deliver immediate and long-lasting moisture. This lightweight, oil-free face moisturizer leaves skin looking smooth, plump, and truly hydrated.