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Holiday Gift Guide.

Find the perfect gift for any occasion with BIOEFFECT. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just a special treat for yourself or a special someone, BIOEFFECT will leave a lasting impression.

Treat Your Hands With Love.

Introducing our cutting-edge age-defying formula to protect and nourish hands. Transform your hand care with our new, innovative EGF Hand Serum.

A Perfect Gift Of Affection.

Our three gift sets contain a variety of our EGF bestsellers - full size, or even double the size! No matter what your individual needs are, you can find a skincare set that caters to them. Read on to find the one best suited to you – or the perfect one for your special someone.

Our Stories.


The Making of our Festive Gift Sets: BIOEFFECT X Dodda Maggý.

Step into the enchanting world of artist Dodda Maggý as we explore her creative process behind our gift sets this year. Discover the mesmerizing artwork that adorns each set, filled with the finest BIOEFFECT EGF biotech skincare.


Our Festive Gift Sets.

Experience the transformative power of pure, plant-biotech EGF with one of our limited-edition holiday gift sets.


Rejuvenating Hand Care Routine.

Get ready for this hydrating hand care routine using the new EGF Hand Serum and our Volcanic Exfoliator


New! Intense EGF Hand Serum to protect and nourish hands.

Experience the transformative power of our new, revolutionary, and age-defying hand serum, enriched with a potent complex of effective ingredients for irresistibly soft and smooth hands.


The BIOEFFECT X Asami Healthy Hand Care Routine

Invest in yourself and start your healthy hands journey.


EGF Eye Serum Now With a Value Refill.

Introducing our bestselling and age-defying EGF Eye Serum, now with a refill pod. Get your refillable eye care duo today – and save while you’re at it!

RoutinesUser stories

That BIOEFFECT Wedding Glow.

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding, Svava Guðrún!


How to Keep Skin Healthy and Hydrated During Summer.

As the seasons change, so does the skin's hydration level. Struggling to find that refreshing moisture without the skin becoming oily or sticky? Our Hydrating Cream Value Set is the answer to clean, healthy, and hydrated skin!


What Is BIOEFFECT Biotech Skincare?

BIOEFFECT biotech skincare explained: everything you need to know about the processes, ingredients, and benefits to your skin.


Uncovering the secrets of BIOEFFECT Barley EGF.

What is BIOEFFECT EGF, what does it do for skin, and what are its benefits in skincare? What separates our EGF from other EGF? Here’s everything you need to know – and then some more!


What Are the Best Ingredients in Skincare?

We know, it’s a jungle out there… Here’s something on our favorite natural and truly effective skincare ingredients.


The Breakthrough EGF Power Serum Has Arrived.

A drop of pure power. Introducing the next generation of age-defying serums. Here’s everything you need to know about the ingredients, benefits, and usage of this powerful and highly effective facial serum.


Dry Skin: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment.

What causes dry skin, and what can we do about it? Here’s some info on dry skin, transepidermal water loss, UV radiation, photoaging, and hydrating ingredients.


All You Need to Know About Miniature Skincare On-The-Go.

Why everyone needs skincare on-the-go, skincare minis, and travel sizes.


The Inside Scoop on Our Most Potent Face Cream.

The EGF Power cream is a miracle worker targeting wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of skin aging.


Why You Should Add a Facial Essence to Your Skincare Routine.

What do facial essences do, and how should you use them?


TSA-Approved and Ready for Take Off.

Our top skincare picks for your next flight. Give your skin the in-flight treatment it deserves!


What Is ‘Slugging’? Here’s What We Know About the Viral Skincare Trend.

With anything from snail facials to using lube as a primer, TikTok and Instagram have become one of the top sources when it comes to strange and obscure skincare and beauty trends.


Why Everyone Over 30 Needs the EGF Power Cream According to Dermatologist Dr. Anetta Reszko.

I’m a N.Y.C.-based, board-certified dermatologist that treats patients with a variety of skin conditions from cancer to acne. However, at the moment, one of the most popular requests from my patients is for skin tightening. Perhaps they are noticing it more as they emerge from the last 18 months of dealing with COVID, but it seems that patients are obsessing more than ever over wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin that is sagging.


Where Can You Find Us?

In recent years, many have switched to online shopping out of sheer convenience – and in the last two years it became a matter of necessity. You can shop online here at and get exclusive deals and samples with your purchase, but you can also find our range at these online retailers:

EGF Body Serum - "A serum for your arms and legs, BIOEFFECT EGF Body Serum propels skin cells into action to smooth rough skin."


OSA Water Mist - "This calming face spray boasts an ingredients list to impress the most hard-to-please skintellectual."


Hydrating Cream - "BIOEFFECT leads the way in modern skin-improving biotechnology. Its Hydrating Cream is a deeply nourishing and long-lasting moisturiser, which (while good for all skin types and concerns) is particularly beneficial for combating the signs of premature ageing".


EGF Eye Serum - "Thanks to the hero ingredient EGF (a protein key to the production of collagen and elastic) as well as hyaluronic acid and Icelandic water, this eye mask will help you to look like you’ve had a restful night’s sleep in just 15 minutes."


EGF Serum - "This intensely hydrating oil-free serum revolutionised making EGF - repair signalling proteins that we make less of as we age - from barley plants. It packs a powerful anti-ageing punch."

Daily Mail

EGF Serum - "An age defying serum that absorbs beautifully into the skin and helps to increase collagen and elastin production, as well as softening lines. It gives my skin a gorgeous glow"

Stella Magazine