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Artist Collaboration: BIOEFFECT & Kristjana S Williams.

We partnered up with artist Kristjana S Williams to decorate our annual holiday gift sets. Here´s some inside info on Kristjana, her designs, and the amazing skincare bundles, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Skincare holiday gift sets and gift ideas.

Gifts for the skincare lover, the budding artist, and everyone else on your shopping list!

We partnered up with artist Kristjana S Williams to decorate our three annual holiday gift sets. The collaboration resulted in magical pieces of art. The design, created exclusively for BIOEFFECT, brings together the whimsical nature of the artist with the pure, green, and clean philosophy of our brand. Each piece is its own mystical universe of exotic botanicals and vibrant creatures. Read on to discover more about Kristjana and the unique designs perfectly docorating this years gift sets.

Kristjana S Williams.

Kristjana S Williams is an Icelandic born artist. She studied graphic design and illustration at Central St. Martins University of the Arts in London – where she now resides. Kristjana’s award-winning work is inspired by nature, and she uses a technique which involves physically and digitally layering nature upon nature, to mirror the symmetry in all living things. That technique brings out a depth that truly reflects real flora and fauna, and nature itself.

Kristjana’s unique aesthetic, which is both mythical and modern, has attracted widespread attention, and the New York Times has described her art as part of the‘new antiquarian movement. It has also led to previous collaborations with heritage brands such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Paul Smith, Christian Louboutin, and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Artist Collaboration.

Our collaboration with Kristjana is characterized by Icelandic nature and wildlife. Kristjana also drew inspiration from BIOEFFECT's distinctive identity, which consists of purity, Icelandic origins, and innovation in the field of biotechnology. The design is based around the hexagon, a shape not only found in nature and the animal world but also in chemistry.

"As an artist, I also have a deep-rooted interest in science, born from a desire to understand the science behind the beauty of nature. I started my design by looking at the hexagon as nature’s most powerful shape whilst also paying homage to the scientific roots of the BIOEFFECT."

The resulting designs are mystical works of art featuring various phenomena, all strongly connected to Iceland. These include waterfalls, northern lights, tides, arctic foxes, and puffins, but also things that have a direct connection to BIOEFFECT, such as greenhouses and barley plants. The artworks combine the artist's distinctive features with the nature, purity, and effectiveness that characterizes BIOEFFECT.

Boxed to Perfection.

This year, we offer three versions of gift sets. They are all filled with effective skincare products, made from a selection of pure ingredients and powered by unique advancements in skincare utilizing biotechnology. The uniquely decorated boxes are made from fully recyclable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and are ideal for imaginative reuse or repurposing.

BIOEFFECT Holiday Gift Sets.

Anti-aging skincare gift idea for face and eyes.

Firming Favorites.

Discover a powerful EGF skincare routine with this exclusive set featuring two full-size products: EGF Serum and EGF Eye Serum, with an Imprinting Eye Mask. These BIOEFFECT bestsellers are sure to provide you with an impressive skincare routine for face and eyes delivering real and lasting results.

EGF anti-aging skincare gift ideas for the holidays.

Skin Saviors.

Save your skin from dehydration and combat visible signs of aging with this exclusive luxury skincare set. Featuring a full-size EGF Serum – an award-winning bestseller, with the EGF Essence in a new 50ml size, and an Imprinting Hydrogel Mask. Together they make for an effective and impressively hydrating EGF routine, leaving skin looking smooth, plump, and hydrated.

Hydrating and nourishing skincare, holiday gift set.

Hydration Heroes.

Experience the hydrating power of our signature Barley EGF and pure Icelandic water in this exclusive luxury skincare set. Featuring two ultra-hydrating, oil-free products; A full-size Hydrating Cream and a handy travel size of our award-winning and age-defying EGF Serum.