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Everything You and Your Complexion Need to Know About EGF Skin Care.

If you love all things skin care, you’ve probably heard about plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor, also known as EGF. As far as new skin care innovations go, this one is absolutely buzzing in the skin care community. So, what’s all the buzz about? What is EGF skin care, and what should you know about it? Here are five common questions and answers to help you understand plant-based EGF and its benefits.

What Is EGF?

EGF is a signaling protein found naturally in our skin. It contributes to the plump and youthful appearance of our young years. As time goes by, your skin produces less and less EGF naturally, which leads to visible signs of aging in your complexion.

What Is Plant-Based EGF Skin Care?

EGF skin care uses topical, plant-based EGF to help care for your complexion. Specifically, plant-based EGF helps support your body’s natural production of collagen. As a result, topical EGF skin care products can help your skin look more youthful and radiant.

When Should I Start an EGF Skin Care Routine?

Your body’s natural production of EGF starts to wane in your 20s.

So, starting a skin care routine with plant-based EGF in your mid-to-late 20s isn’t a bad idea. However, EGF skin care products can help give your skin a youthful-looking glow no matter what age you’re at. You should begin to notice a difference in your complexion within about a month of using your EGF skin care products consistently.

What Other Skin Care Products Can I Pair with Plant-Based EGF?

One of the best things about EGF skin care is that it pairs well with other skin care products, though it is important to wait at least five minutes before applying anything over the top of your plant-based EGF products.

While plant-based EGF skin care products are quite effective on their own, there are some products that specifically help the efficacy of your EGF skin care routine, like a weekly hydrogel mask.

What Should I Look For In an EGF Skin Care Brand?

You really want to make sure that your EGF skin care brand is backed by science. Finding a brand that produces EGF sustainably from barley plants is a great way to get the benefits of plant-based EGF while keeping your skin care pure. Another thing to look for is pure ingredients along with the plant-based EGF in each product. Things like pure Icelandic water can make a massive difference in the quality of the products.