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Keep Your Skin’s Hydration In Check This Fall with Products From BIOEFFECT.

Are you someone who notices subtle changes in your skin when the weather slowly shifts into a new season? It means you’re in tune with nature and your skin! Don’t wait until you notice dryness or rough-feeling skin to switch up your skin care routine. With products from BIOEFFECT, you can unlock all-day hydration and enjoy the benefits of visibly healthy-looking skin. Here are some helpful considerations for your fall skin care routine.

Glycerin Is Your Friend.

Hydrating skin care often contains glycerin, a powerhouse ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture. BIOEFFECT’s plant-based glycerin is featured in a variety of products, including the Icelandic brand’s hydrogel mask, EGF serums, and face creams, to name a few. Thirst-quenching ingredients such as glycerin help keep your natural moisture barrier intact.

Try a Richer Moisturizer If It Feels Right.

For some, a lighter moisturizer feels good in the hot summer months and provides just the right amount of moisture with long-lasting hydration. By the time fall rolls around, you might need to try a rich, anti-aging face cream to battle dehydration, the look of fine lines, and the appearance of dark spots.

BIOEFFECT has two excellent, award-winning face creams: Hydrating Cream and EGF Power Cream. Both products help keep your skin hydrated while protecting and strengthening the skin barrier by locking in water and nutrients.

Add a Deeply Hydrating Serum.

BIOEFFECT’s signature skin care ingredient is barley Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). It was developed by three Icelandic scientists who uncovered a method to produce plant-based growth factors using biotechnology.

It all started with the ground-breaking EGF Serum, a concentrated serum featuring only seven ingredients, including barley EGF, which is a moisture-binding signaling protein. EGF Serum is a powerful product for boosting moisture in your skin and visibly helping your skin look firmer, smoother, and plumper as a result.

Focus on Your Eye Area.

If you notice the delicate skin around your eyes starting to feel dry or fine lines looking more pronounced, try the revitalizing EGF Eye Serum, another award-winning product from BIOEFFECT.

The brand’s lightweight fine line eye serum features a higher concentration of barley EGF to target the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and crepiness. In combination with hyaluronic acid and pure Icelandic water, the EGF Eye Serum is made to leave your skin looking instantly hydrated, plumper, and smoother. Also, this fine line eye serum is great for addressing the look of puffiness and reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles.