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Why Adapting Your Skin Care for the Fall Can Be Beneficial.

Hydration can be an amazing ally for your skin. And as seasons change, hydration can mean even more. During summer, your skin may be exposed to excess sun, dry air, and a long list of environmental factors. These factors can leave your skin looking and feeling less healthy and vibrant. Going into the fall can be the ideal time to “adapt” your skin. The days are getting shorter and the weather is changing—and it all impacts your skin.

So, what can you do to adapt your skin to a changing environment? It can be as simple as infusing your skin care regimen with hydration and making it a central part of your approach to fall skin care. You can turn to hydrating products like a hydrogel mask and products featuring plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor, like a serum with barley EGF. Here’s how you can adapt your skin care to fall.

Why Skin Hydration in the Fall Is Crucial.

Hydration is essential throughout the body, including the skin. As your skin recovers from a summer in the sun, it can use a little help along the way. Time under the sun can impact your skin in a number of ways. It can leave skin looking dry and tired, and it may influence visible signs of aging, like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Shifting your skin care can help support your skin. You can find that support by using hydration-boosting products to help give your skin the hydration it needs to thrive.

Giving Your Skin the Hydration Advantage.

A hydrogel mask can be one option—and a great place to start when shifting to a routine that focuses more on hydration. Hydrogel facial masks can include ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which can be deeply hydrating. This kind of hydration can help ease dryness and help skin look fuller (which can result in a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). A hydrogel beauty mask can even help your skin more readily absorb an EGF serum.

Hydration That Works for You.

A hydrogel facial mask is a great starting point, but it is a starting point. You should continue delivering hydration with other products, as well. For some people, putting together a fall skin care routine centered on hydration can be beneficial. Alternatively, you may decide to use some hydrating products mixed with others that focus on other skin care concerns, such as the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines. Regardless, hydration can help skin recover from the summer, and it can prepare skin for the winter—while supporting your skin’s natural beauty all fall long.

Taking a More Complete Approach to Hydration.

In addition to the hydrogel facial mask, there are serums and other products that can continue to help infuse your skin with precious moisture. Products with plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF skin care, is one option. You can find serums made with barley EGF that can help support your skin’s moisture levels and help your skin look more healthy and youthful.