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A Perfect Gift of Affection.

Experience the transformative power of pure, plant-biotech EGF with one of our limited-edition gift sets designed by Icelandic artist Dodda Maggý.

Dodda Maggý

Our three gift sets contain a variety of our EGF bestsellers - full size, or even double the size! All sets include our nourishing BIOEFFECT EGF biotech skincare. No matter what your individual needs are, you can find a skincare set that caters to them. Read on to find the one best suited to you – or the perfect one for your special someone.

This year’s gift sets are in collaboration with the talented Icelandic artist Dodda Maggý. Each artwork is intricately designed by Dodda Maggý, making sure the BIOEFFECT gift sets make a lasting impression - both inside and out!

Photo by Art Bicnick.

EGF Serum Double.

This skincare set includes our bestseller, the EGF Serum, in an exclusive value size of 30 ml. The award-winning and groundbreaking serum is developed to maintain skin's healthy appearance, address, or help prevent visible signs of skin aging with Barley EGF.

Featuring: Double size EGF serum - 30 ml with savings of 25%.

EGF Classic Duo.

This gift set features two of our bestsellers, EGF Serum and EGF Eye Serum, providing an impressive EGF skincare routine for face and eyes. With this environmentally conscious refill system - you’ll receive double the dose of our best-selling EGF Eye Serum.

Featuring: Full-size EGF Serum - 15ml, EGF Eye Serum - 6 ml and EGF Eye Serum refill - 6 ml. A value saving of up to 25% off fully priced products.

EGF Power Performance.

This luxurious skincare set features two products in BIOEFFECT's Power category, targeted towards more mature or dry skin. The EGF Power Serum and EGF Power Cream pair perfectly for maximum nourishing benefit and an intensely age-defying skincare routine - a true match made in skincare heaven!

Featuring: Full-size EGF Power Serum - 15 ml and EGF Power Cream - 50 ml. A value saving of 25% off fully priced products.