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5 Tips to Help Your Skin Look and Feel Amazing.

It only takes a few simple steps to help make your skin look and feel amazing. Skintellectuals likely know the routine, but it’s the little details that matter. Are you using a serum with plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)? What are you using to exfoliate? Are you taking your skin type into account? Here are some tips, from using plant-based EGF to hydrating properly, that can help your skin look its best.

Identify Your Skin Concerns.

The first step is to identify your skin concerns. Are you worried about visibly aging skin? Do you have extra-dry skin? Once you have identified your concerns, you can easily address them with the best products and skin care routine. The key is determining what your concerns are and then addressing them specifically. Simply putting on a basic lotion may not help your skin look its best, even if it is hydrating.

Use Products for Your Skin Type.

An essential part of addressing your skin care concerns is knowing your skin type. Using the appropriate products for your skin type is crucial to overcoming skin care obstacles. Some products are labeled as suitable for all skin types, but many are meant to address specific skin types or concerns. For example, if you have dry skin, a cleanser made for oily skin may not be as effective for you. In that case, find one for dry skin or all skin types. You will want to do your research before buying a product as it may be less effective on your skin type.

Seek Out a Gentle Cleansing Product.

It’s important to use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. A micellar cleansing water is an excellent choice to remove makeup, excess oil, and impurities from your skin. You won’t need to rinse with a micellar cleanser for it to leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and nourished. You don’t want to use a cleanser with alcohol, which may be too harsh on your skin. Instead, look for a micellar water that uses pure, soft Icelandic water. Because it’s filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava, it has a low concentration of hard minerals that could irritate or dry out your skin.

Prepare Your Skin by Exfoliating.

No matter your skin type, you want to exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliating removes dead skin and impurities. Letting these build up can hamper hydration. Choose an exfoliator that uses micro-crystalline volcanic lava to help unclog pores and refine your skin’s surface. Your exfoliator of choice should leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Exfoliating also allows moisturizers to be more effective, increasing their absorption.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate.

Finally, it’s time to hydrate. Start with an EGF serum, which not only boosts hydration levels but also targets visible signs of aging. You can follow this up with a hydrating cream to further boost your skin’s moisture levels and help promote healthier-looking skin. Together, you will have long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.