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Give Yourself a Break.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, and this quote perfectly captures the concept of self-love. While nowadays self-love seems to be a bit of a catch-all phrase, it’s as important today as it ever was. In fact, with all the turbulence in the world at the moment, interest in self-care and self-love is on the rise and is being viewed as an essential part of our overall health.

What Does Self-Love Mean, and How Can We Practice It?

Unpacking exactly what self-love means is not a simple task as it can mean different things to different people, but according to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, ‘Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. It means, taking care of your own needs and having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness’. While this makes perfect sense on paper, it can sometimes be challenging to practice this in everyday life, which is why it’s important to consciously build elements of self-love into daily situations, so they become a habit.

These elements of self-love can range from adopting a more positive viewpoint and outlook on the world, as well as building self-confidence and learning to avoid the spiral of self-hatred. Other practical elements, such as developing a healthy exercise routine, practicing mindful eating, and generally taking better care of yourself and your health both physically and mentally all contribute towards a positive attitude to life, which is at the heart of self-love.

Take Better Care of Your Skin.

One easy steppingstone towards self-love is to take better care of your skin. Creating self-care rituals to incorporate into your morning and evening skin routine is a good way to start. Try adding the BIOEFFECT Volcanic Exfoliator into your usual routine once or twice a week, the exfoliator gently removes dead skin and impurities, leaving the skin perfectly refined and ready to better absorb the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum. Creating small yet mindful facial rituals while using the BIOEFFECT products can help to calm the mind and benefit the skin. For instance, applying the BIOEFFECT EGF Essence in small tapping motions, helps the essence to penetrate the skin as well as reducing puffiness by draining the lymph glands. Applying the BIOEFFECT Hydrating Cream in a soothing upwards motion helps to create a feeling of relaxation and the massage technique creates a glowing after effect.

If you are pushed for time, you may find it easier to put some me-time in you calendar, perhaps put aside one evening a week, just for you. Turn your phone off, put some music on, take your make up off, clean and exfoliate your face, then apply a BIOEFFECT Imprinting Hydrogel Mask, and relax. This is one habit you skin will seriously thank you for!