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New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2022.

The start of the new year is a great time to review old habits and start creating some positive new ones, and if you start your new skincare habits off with a bang at the beginning of January, you’ll be enjoying the rewards by February.

Research varies as to how long it takes for a new habit to truly stick, but the general agreement is that it’s somewhere between 21 and 66 days, which makes the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment plan a fantastic way to kick start your new year skincare habit. This clever kit contains a super potent age-defying treatment featuring 3 different Barley Growth Factors to tackle the most visible signs of aging; wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, roughness, skin laxity and uneven skin tone. The treatment comes in 3 small bottles, each one contains a 10-day supply, and when used twice daily, offer proven visible results: with an awesome 86% increase in skin hydration, 34% reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and a 20% improvement in skin elasticity and firmness.

Alongside a committed skin treatment plan, there are some new year beauty resolutions that are super easy to put in place yet can make a big impact. Staying hydrated is an important element of optimal health and is integral to many body functions, including boosting skin elasticity. To help you meet your hydration goals, one handy tip is to invest in a water bottle that you love, one that you know you’ll use, that fits easily into your purse, and take it with you everywhere you go. Top it up throughout the day, and if you really can’t remember to use it – set a digital diary reminder for the first few days! This one simple resolution is probably one of the biggest health improving decisions you will make all year.

Another brilliant beauty resolution is to get more sleep. It turns out that beauty sleep really is a ‘thing’, as our skin rests and repairs itself while we sleep; removing toxins, repairing cells and environmental damage, while replacing aging skin cells and creating new ones. Getting a good 8 hours sleep is really important to this overnight repair process as it allows enough time for your skin to heal itself from the day’s damage, ensuring that you wake up looking fresh and feeling rested.

And finally, here’s one more positive beauty habit to start the new year with; get in the habit of removing your make up every night. Not only does this help with the renewal processes that go on while we sleep, but old make up can trap dead skin cells, preventing them from naturally exfoliating causing a dull complexion. Cleansing also helps to avoid the build up of dirt and bacteria on your skin, as well as perfectly prepping skin for any follow-on products, such as the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment plan. So, this year, let’s all treat ourselves to the skin we deserve by sticking to our brilliant beauty resolutions.