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Makeup for New Year's.

Read on for expert makeup artists' recommendations with a video to prep your skin for trending makeup looks this New Year's Eve.

Get Your Glam on!

We collaborated with the renowned professional makeup artist, Harpa Káradóttir, for the perfect New Year Glam makeup look. She also showed us how to prep the skin, using a selection of skincare products to keep the skin and makeup intact all night long.

We hope this video inspires you and that you can pick up some makeup artist tips and techniques for the perfect New Year's makeup look. Scroll all the way down for the full list of skincare and makeup products used in the video.

New Year's Eve Makeup Trend to Ring in 2023.

We like to go big on New Year‘s and get our glam on when it comes to outfits, hair, and makeup. According to makeup artist Harpa, the hottest trend right now is naturally beautiful skin with a visibly healthy glow – requiring less makeup to perfect the natural-skin look. Harpa also recommends a beautiful highlighter to further enhance the glowing effect. Timeless glamour is always popular, which is why Harpa proposes mixing silver and gold eyeshadows. Perfect the look with glazed lips.

Prepping the skin for makeup.

Before applying makeup, it's absolutely necessary to prep the skin. Healthy-looking, glowing, and flawless skin is the perfect basis for the perfect makeup look! Here is the skin routine performed by Harpa:

Step 1: EGF Essence

Harpa started by applying the EGF Essence, a nourishing facial water, to clean skin. It penetrates quickly deep into the skin layers and aids in the absorption of all skincare products that follow. As a result, EGF Essence is the perfect first step as it prepares the skin for everything else to come!

“The skin becomes silky-smooth when I apply the EGF Essence, making this the perfect product pre-makeup. I also like to apply just a few drops when the makeup is ready and gently press into the skin, enhancing the visible glow.“

Top tip: Press a few drop of the essence into the skin post-makeup for even more glow!

Step 2: EGF Eye Serum

The award-winning eye serum makes all the difference pre-makeup. It is specifically developed for the delicate skin around the eyes and provides it with moisture that delivers immediately. The EGF Eye Serum contains a selection of ingredients that visibly tighten and smooth the skin and make it silky smooth. Plus, it's applied with a cooling steel rollerball that instantly reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue. That's why the EGF Eye Serum is the perfect base before applying and blending makeup to the eye area.

“Provides instant moisture, which makes it easier to blend a concealer into the skin around the eyes, making it look naturally smoother.“

Top tip: Place an Imprinting Eye Mask below the eyes, after the EGF Eye Serum to enhance its efficacy. Also perfect while you apply makeup to the eye contour, completely getting rid of makeup smudging below the eyes and onto the face!

Step 3: EGF Day Serum

Next, Harpa applied the EGF Day Serum to the skin, a facial serum with a featherlight gel-like texture. The product penetrates the skin quickly and provides it with immediate moisture as it contains the EGF protein that we produce from barley, as well as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. The formula is oil-free and therefore does not leave a sticky layer on the surface of the skin. On the contrary, the skin becomes silky-smooth and radiant. This is exactly why EGF Day Serum has been extremely popular pre-makeup.

“Provides moisture to last throughout the day, plus the gel-like formula absorbs super fast, making it the perfect base for makeup.“

Step 4: OSA Water Mist

Finally, Harpa sprayed the OSA Water Mist over the whole face to set the makeup, making sure it lasts all evening long. This makes the light and oil-free facial spray perfect as a last step in a makeup routine. OSA Water Mist is nourishing and can be used as often as needed throughout the day to maintain healthy moisture levels. Gives the effect of naturally dewy skin without excess shine.

"I use OSA a lot because it provides light moisture for both skin and hair, without leaving a sticky residue. In my work as a makeup artist I often have to maintain hair and makeup looks throughout the day and in those cases OSA is one of my favorites to touch-up and refresh my clients."

Top tip: Spray your hair to reduce static and frizz.

Makeup Products.

Here´s a list of the main makeup products used for the New Year's makeup. Watch the video and see how they are applied.

  • Charlotte Tilbury - Hollywood Flawless Filter Face Illuminator
  • MAC - Extra Dimension Blush - Into the Pink
  • MAC - Extra Dimension Blush - Just a Pinch
  • Maybelline - Lifter Lip Gloss - 004 Silk
  • MAC - Lip Liner - Stone
  • Pat McGrath LABS - Mothership I: Subliminal Eyeshadow Palette - Skinshow Nude + Ultimate Taupe
  • MAKEUP BY MARIO - Master Metals Eyeshadow Palette - Silver
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Freeze Styling Wax
  • NYX - Epic Ink Eyeliner - Black, waterproof
  • Gosh - Boombastic Mascara - Black