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Skin Care On-the-Go: 3 Essential Sets From BIOEFFECT for Your Fall Travels.

If you have travel plans coming up soon or you’re just someone with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, it helps to have skin care sets that help keep your skin looking visibly healthy through it all. That’s where BIOEFFECT comes in with its plant-based EGF skin care products and easy but effective skin care sets. The following plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) sets are designed to help your skin maintain hydration and boost nourishment with minimal, clean, and pure ingredients.

Prevent Collection: A Focus on Hydration and Anti-Aging Benefits.

BIOEFFECT’s signature ingredient is plant-based EGF from barley plants, a moisture-binding signaling protein that helps your skin maintain hydration and encourages natural collagen production. This set features a trio of full-size barley EGF products: EGF Serum, EGF Eye Serum, and Hydrating Cream to help prevent visible signs of premature aging. Here’s what you can expect:

  • EGF Serum: Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boost hydration with only seven pure, clean ingredients.
  • EGF Eye Serum: Restore visibly younger-looking skin with a revitalizing fine line eye serum with a higher concentration of barley EGF.
  • Hydrating Cream: Boost your skin’s moisture levels with this oil-free water cream with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and barley EGF.

Hydrating Cream Value Set: Everything You Need to Unlock a Healthy-Looking Glow.

This value set is an excellent introduction to the BIOEFFECT range, featuring the products you need to help you achieve clean, clear, and radiant-looking skin. It includes a full-size Hydrating Cream and three luxury minis of Micellar Cleansing Water, Volcanic Exfoliator, and EGF Essence. Let’s dive into that lineup:

  • Micellar Cleansing Water: Get a gentle but thorough cleanse to remove makeup, oil, and impurities.
  • Volcanic Exfoliator: Get gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and refine the surface of the skin.
  • EGF Essence: Splash a layer of hydration while prepping your skin for the remaining products.
  • Hydrating Cream: Deliver instant, long-lasting moisture.

Limited-Time Only: EGF Power Performance Gift Set.

For the holiday season, BIOEFFECT is offering three limited-edition gift sets. One of them is the EGF Power Performance set. This luxurious set features two products in BIOEFFECT’s Power category targeted for more mature or dry skin: EGF Power Serum and EGF Power Cream. Here are the details:

  • EGF Power Serum: Support skin barrier function and target visible signs of aging skin with BIOEFFECT’s plant-powered barley EGF and barley KGF serum.
  • EGF Power Cream: Deeply nourish your skin with this luxurious face cream, a multitasking wonder targeting the look of wrinkles and age spots while addressing dehydration and loss of firmness.

Pick the perfect set from BIOEFFECT this season to make your travels, skin, and busy lifestyle smoother.