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4 Ways BIOEFFECT Is a Skin Care Brand for ‘Skintellectuals’.

If you research skin care products before buying them, you might be a “skintellectual.” If you know the effective ingredients in products and how they can potentially benefit the skin, you’re probably a skintellectual. And if you’re informed about the science of skin care, you’re definitely a skintellectual.

Icelandic skin care brand BIOEFFECT is for everyone who loves skin care and seeks to maintain their skin’s visible health and vitality. Here are a few ways BIOEFFECT’s EGF skin care products may appeal to all the skintellectuals out there.

1. BIOEFFECT Uses Nature and Biotechnology.

The first-ever plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) was created by three Icelandic scientists using ground-breaking biotechnology. With a true passion for science, BIOEFFECT was born from their research, with a team dedicated to ensuring that science is implemented effectively.

2. BIOEFFECT Uses Sustainable and Renewable Barley Plants.

As the brand’s signature skin care ingredient in everything from Hydrating Cream to EGF Serum, BIOEFFECT’s barley EGF is grown in a geothermal-powered greenhouse in Iceland. It’s a sustainable and renewable resource that also gets its necessary moisture from pure Icelandic water that’s geologically filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava.

3. BIOEFFECT Uses Minimal But Effective Active Ingredients.

BIOEFFECT’s EGF Serum for the entire face contains only seven ingredients—and their EGF Eye Serum only has 11. But it’s the effectiveness of the ingredients that matter. For example, if you want a fine line eye serum that targets the look of fine lines, wrinkles, crepiness, and puffiness with the highest concentration of barley EGF, you don’t need tons of ingredients—you only need what works. From hyaluronic acid and glycerin to vitamin E and pure Icelandic water, BIOEFFECT uses clean, pure ingredients in its collection.

4. BIOEFFECT Recycles and Reuses When Possible.

Most of the main components of BIOEFFECT’s primary packaging and all of its secondary packaging are recyclable. The brand is also dedicated to continually finding more recyclable, recycled, and sustainably sourced materials.

NEW: Refill Pod on EGF Eye Serum.

In line with environmentally-conscious options from BIOEFFECT, you can now get the best-selling EGF Eye Serum with a refill pod. Once you use the entire original serum, you can simply replace it with a convenient refill pod that locks into the original serum container. This new refill system is just one example of how BIOEFFECT is paying attention to—and looking out for—the environment.