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Interview with Helga Hlín.

Olympic weightlifting world champion challenges stereotypes about women and age.

Breaking stereotypes about women and age.

Helga Hlín Hákonardóttir.

Helga Hlín Hákonardóttir is a lawyer and attorney. She actively practices healthy habits on a daily basis in order to improve her mental and physical health and wellbeing. This lifestyle approach of self care is something we at BIOEFFECT have truly taken to heart.

Over the years, she has spent a lot of quality time doing moto-cross, mountain biking, alpine skiing, CrossFit, and most recently Olympic weightlifting.

We sat down with Helga Hlín and talked about her career, health, skincare routine, and the incredible success she has achieved in the field of Olympic weightlifting.

Stoicism to Eliminate Stress.

Helga Hlín trains hard and makes sure to fuel her body with the essential nutrients. We asked if she could give our readers some more advice to guide them towards healthier living and wellness.

"I try to surround myself with creative and fun people. I avoid stress whenever possible, but of course a bit of tension is inevitable every now and then. When the stress gets to me I try to utilize some tools I have adopted from Stoic philosophy, that I read and use for meditation. I also have to mention the importance of sleep. Sometimes I can't believe it took me so long to realize how important it is to get the right amount of quality sleep. I try to sleep at least eight hours a night."

Olympic weightlifting over 50.

Icelandic, European, and World Championships.

Helga Hlín got to know CrossFit in 2009 and together with her husband, Unnar, has founded three CrossFit centers. Both Helga and Unnar have competed in multiple international tournaments and contests. Lately, Helga has put most of her efforts into Olympic weightlifting and has done well in that field, as evidenced by numerous Icelandic records - and even a few Swedish ones - as well as both world and European championship titles. But how did it come about that she began a competitive career in Olympic weightlifting, among the very best in the world?

"I started competing in Olympic weightlifting in Iceland in 2019, which was incredibly fun and went well. The night after competing I looked at where I stood on the European and World Championships scale and realized that with the same results I would have made the podium at Europeans and been in the top 5 at Worlds. That night, my husband and I decided that I would become European Champion and reach the podium at the World Championship. I became European Champion in 2020, and this year I won the World Championship."

Wants to Challenge Stereotypes About Women and Age.

Helga Hlín says that she is probably more surprised by the success than anyone else, especially given the fact that she suffered from a serious back injury in 2013. Both training and competitions have gone beyond expectations, but the most amazing thing is that she is still seeing improvements and achieving heavier and technically better lifts. When we asked what stood out on this journey, the answer was simple: The most important thing is to be a good role model and break stereotypes about women and age.

I feel like I've achieved that goal when I see teenage boys mind-boggled over the fact that a 59 kilo 50 year old grandma can lift 75 kilos overhead.

Purity Most Important When it Comes to Skincare.

Helga Hlín says that regular exercising with the inevitable sweat, strain, and showering, are very taxing on the skin. She has sensitive skin and struggles with both allergies and eczema. A few years ago, she replaced all beauty and skincare products and now makes sure to buy only those that meet strict standards of cleanliness. She keeps her skin routine simple and uses a moisturizer before and after exercise. After the morning shower, she then applies a serum to both her face and body.

"I struggle with allergies and also have eczema. I have to make sure to keep my skin well-nourished and avoid chemical irritants. Now, I only buy clean products that meet standards of purity. It's amazing what a difference it made - soothed my skin and relieved me of dry eyes and constant tearing-up."

Helga Hlín's Favorite BIOEFFECT Products

"The greatest wonder I have ever tried."

"Essential before a good moisturiser."

„Hydration that lasts throughout the day.“

"When the skin is desperate for moisture."

"Perfect after a hot shower with a nice scrub.“