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Pamper Yourself.

Get your complimentary Self Care Kit when you shop for $120 or more. The seasonal gift is inspired by the self care revolution. Enjoy!

Summer GWP Self Care Kit

This summer, we went all in on the Self Care approach. The result: an amazing, complimentary Self Care Kit!

For the past few years, the topic of self care has been on the rise. The approach of actively preserving and improving one's physical and mental health is more than a trend — It's a lifestyle approach more and more people are incorporating into their everyday lives.

This summer, we at BIOEFFECT went all in following the DIY beauty and lifestyle trend. Our seasonal complimentary gift is inspired by the self care revolution, we so heartily want ourselves and others to adopt. Enjoy the unique Self Care Kit, specifically chosen for your well-deserved at-home pampering.

The Self Care Routine.

The dreamy but practical kit includes a few of our all-time favourites; EGF Day Serum miniature, EGF Body Serum miniature, an Imprinting Hydrogel Mask, and a microfiber hair towel, together in a handy TPU toiletry bag. Complimentary with every purchase over $120.

STEP 1: Microfiber Hair Towel

After bathing or showering, dry off and place the towel onto your head like a cap. Pull the long tail towards the front, twist, and secure it in the back. Keep the featherlight and soft towel on while you apply your skincare, or until your hair is dry and ready for styling.

The microfiber hair towel is a simple but convenient beauty accessory. Often referred to as 'quick-dry towels', the lightweight microfiber gently but quickly dries the hair. Ideal for those with long or thick hair and those avoiding damage by heat-styling tools. Gentle on curls as it leaves the hair free from frizz while enhancing the hair's natural definition.

STEP 2: EGF Day Serum

When you have placed the towel on your head you're ready to apply the EGF Day Serum. Gently press into the skin using upwards motions, giving yourself a relaxing facial massage as you apply the serum.

The lightweight age-defying gel serum is formulated with our unique active, Barley EGF. This refreshing oil-free serum boosts hydration, prevents or targets the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, enhances skin’s complexion, and provides a silky-smooth finish. It's the ideal base for make up, and perfect during warm summer days!

STEP 3: Imprinting Hydrogel Mask.

Follow the serum with the Imprinting Hydrogel face mask. Place it onto skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. While you wait, you could cosy up in front of the TV, curl up with a book, or give yourself an at-home manicure.

The deeply soothing and hydrating face mask is rich in hyaluronic acid. Specifically developed to deliver intense moisture and maximize the efficacy of our EGF serums and moisturizers.

STEP 4: EGF Body Serum.

While the mask does its magic, apply the potent EGF Body Serum to your body for nourishing and plumping benefits.

This non-greasy formula is extremely lightweight and was designed to spread easily, absorb quickly, and minimize any residue prior to applying clothing – your skin will simply drink it up.