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The Making of our Festive Gift Sets: BIOEFFECT X Dodda Maggý.

Step into the enchanting world of artist Dodda Maggý as we explore her creative process behind our gift sets this year. Discover the mesmerizing artwork that adorns each set, filled with the finest BIOEFFECT EGF biotech skincare.

Combining various mediums such as video and sound art, Dodda Maggý's unique talents create immaterial masterpieces. However, her desire to materialize her creations led to the exciting collaboration with BIOEFFECT. Join us to uncover her inspiration and witness the stunning results - three gift sets adorned with her captivating works.

Photo by Art Bicnick.

Dodda Maggý.

Dodda Maggý is an Icelandic artist and composer based in Reykjavík. Her practice centers around research of time-based media ranging from formal studies of the structural relationship between the visual and the aural to exploring the ethereal qualities of video, sound, and music. A reoccurring theme in her work is the pursuit of giving form to perceptual experiences.

Blooming plants and trees.

This year’s gift sets display stunning artwork inspired by nature, northern lights and blooming plants and trees. Each piece skillfully captures the intertwined dance of flourishing flora, inviting viewers on an enchanting journey of perception.

In a conversation with BIOEFFECT, Dodda Maggý shares her joy in creating a work that reaches such a wide and different audience. “Normally my art centers around video and audio projects that require gadgets and installations, so I always relish the opportunity to create a piece that simply exists, interacting with the world beyond gallery walls. When BIOEFFECT approached me, asking if I was interested in this collaboration, I approached it with the same creative passion as if it were destined for a gallery display. My objective was to craft a powerful piece that would resonate with the BIOEFFECT customer. And I’m so excited to see it come alive, both in stores and out in the world.”

A strong connection with nature.

Dodda Maggý tells us that as an artist, you always carefully choose your collaborations to align with your values. “I found it to be a perfect match to collaborate with BIOEFFECT, due to our deep connection with nature and mutual commitment to its preservation.” The stunning gift sets feature Dodda Maggý's captivating artworks from her ongoing series, 'DeCore,' which she has been diligently working on since 2008.

“In this series, I venture into nature with a video camera, capturing the beauty of flowering trees and plants. I then transform these visuals into graphic forms, blending the qualities of music and movement.” By utilizing color schemes and rhythm, she crafts visual works that transcend their medium, creating a harmonious experience for the senses. “The artworks on the gift sets are like frozen moments of an acoustic experience, resonating with the organic essence of nature's own forms and processes” Dodda Maggý explains.

Irresistible packaging.

The gift sets, available in three stunning designs, include unique full-size skin products created using groundbreaking plant biotechnology methods and featuring pure and active ingredients. Notably, the EGF Serum Double gift set comes with double the volume of the award-winning skin drops! These environmentally conscious boxes are made from recyclable and certified FSC quality paper, and we encourage reuse and repurposing.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible packaging of the BIOEFFECT gift sets, where art meets skincare, nature meets innovation, and beauty meets sustainability.

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