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Embrace the Effect.

Our mission is to use biotechnology to restore and maintain skin’s health and vitality with only the necessary ingredients that are pure, clean, safe, and proven to be truly effective. We embrace the proven effect of our product, made by nature — enforced by science.

We pride ourselves on the pure science, clean formulations, and proven results. Not only is there award-winning science and biotechnology behind the creation of Barley EGF skincare, but we have conducted over 50 scientific in-house efficacy studies, lasting from 2 months up to 3 years. In the last decade, over 2000 Icelandic women have tried and tested our products – experiencing the incredible improvements on their own skin.

The results of these studies clearly show that topical application of Barley EGF has a powerful and positive effect on the skin’s appearance – including boosting hydration, smoothing, firming, and helping support the skin’s natural production of collagen.