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Embrace Nature, Embrace Science.

At BIOEFFECT, we embrace science and nature alike. Biotechnology is ground-breaking science that leverages, utilizes, and enhances the natural power of living organisms, like plants, and ‘biotech beauty’ is an innovative way of harnessing plant organisms for cosmetic benefits. In barley we found a plant that was perfectly suited to producing BIOEFFECT EGF and other growth factors.

A country of challenging extremes.

Iceland is a country of challenging extremes which requires Icelanders to be persistent and adaptable. Iceland’s stunning landscape – glaciers, lava fields and volcanoes – combined with harsh dark winters, make it difficult to grow plants. But luckily it is also extremely geothermally active and that has enabled us to grow plants all year round in greenhouses powered by sustainable geothermal energy.

Ecologically engineered BIOEFFECT greenhouse.

The hi-tech BIOEFFECT Greenhouse is nestled in the middle of the lava fields of Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark in the southwest of Iceland, only 50 km from our headquarters in Reykjavik. It features a hydroponic system with no soil. There, the barley plants are grown in inert volcanic pumice, minimizing the risk of possible contamination, and watered with pure Icelandic water enriched with nutrients. We can nurture up to 130.000 bioengineered barley plants, producing our remarkable Barley growth factors, our key ingredients. We grow the plants inert volcanic pumice for 30 days in the ecologically-engineered Greenhouse using geothermal energy and pure Icelandic water enriched with nutrients.

Powered by green Icelandic energy.

In Iceland, most of the electricity is provided by local, renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower and geothermal power. This allows us to use sustainable and so-called green electricity throughout our production. Our very own greenhouse in Iceland is of course powered by Iceland’s geothermal and renewable energy.

Uniquely pure Icelandic water.

We believe in harnessing the natural resources Iceland has to offer as much as we responsibly can, which is why we utilize pure Icelandic water in our production. Water is one of Iceland's purest and most abundant natural resources. Over time, Icelandic water is geologically filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava. This natural purification process delivers clean water; unpolluted, unspoiled, and in no need for any chemical purification. Icelandic water is soft, meaning it has a low concentration of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium – making it less likely to dry or irritate skin. This is the water we use to water the barley plants at our hydroponic greenhouse, and as an ingredient in our products to ensure the purest formulation.

Journey behind the scenes of our high-tech, hydroponic greenhouse and discover how our unique ingredient, BIOEFFECT EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), becomes a reality through cutting-edge biotechnology.