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BIOEFFECT - Ten Years in the Making.

BIOEFFECT was born out of a true love for science and a dedication to ensuring that the science is implemented in the most effective way possible. Over the past ten years, we’ve grown and evolved in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

BIOEFFECT - Ten Years in the Making.

Laying the Foundation.

Well before establishing BIOEFFECT, back in the early 2000s, our three founding scientists were already hard at work in the fields of bioengineering and genetics. After years of hard work, they succeeded in bioengineering barley plants so that they could produce a replica of human EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) within their seeds. This was an unprecedented achievement and this leap in biotechnology propelled our founding scientists, rather unexpectedly, into the world of skincare and hence BIOEFFECT is born.
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BIOEFFECT launched the EGF Serum in Iceland in 2010, becoming an award-winning product used by 30% of Icelandic women in just under two years. That was only the beginning. The flagship product helped establish BIOEFFECT as a brand that wasn’t just a flash in the pan but here to stay. To celebrate five years of innovation in 2015, BIOEFFECT launched two exclusive editions of the EGF Serum –– collaborating with Icelandic artist Shoplifter for the EGF Serum Special Edition and Pochet du Courval for the Limited Edition EGF Serum.

We continued to develop and expand the BIOEFFECT line of EGF-based skincare products, creating treatments, masks, and moisturisers to help our customers achieve the best results possible.

There and Back Again.

By 2016 BIOEFFECT had expanded into the UK, becoming the first Icelandic product to launch in Harrods London. In 2017 BIOEFFECT breached the US market and won the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence. By continually producing innovative, high-quality, sustainable products BIOEFFECT has gained international recognition, prompting us to not only continue doing what we do best but to always take things one step further.

In 2019 BIOEFFECT opened its greenhouse doors to the public where everyone can witness first-hand how the precious barley is grown. In this tenth year, BIOEFFECT opened the first flagship store in Reykjavík and is releasing an exclusive Limited Edition EGF Serum using new patented Black Barley and reuniting with Shoplifter to design a unique collector’s item.

BIOEFFECT - Ten Years in the Making.

COMING SOON - BIOEFFECT EGF Serum Limited Edition 2020

What began as an interest in stem cell technology has literally and figuratively changed the face of skincare forever. It has been an amazing journey and we will continue to create, innovate, and push the boundaries of biotechnology and skincare.