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    Which BIOEFFECT Cream Is Right for You?

    The first step in achieving healthy, glowing skin is moisturising daily. Moisturisers are the most important weapon in sealing, supporting and protecting the top layers of the skin, otherwise known as the epidermal barrier, and it is vital to skin quality and texture, but with so many choices out there it can be a minefield to know which one is best, and more importantly, which ingredients it should contain.

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    Where Do You Want to Shop?

    In recent years, many have switched to online shopping out of sheer convenience – and in the last two years it became a matter of necessity. You can shop online here at and get exclusive deals and samples with your purchase, but you can also find our range at these retailers:

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    Fall Skincare for a Year-Round Glow.

    Fall is right around the corner and while you may be looking forward to trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving walks and bonfires on the beach the cool wind, indoor heating and lower air humidity are all to blame for the impending dry, dull and sensitive complexion woes we all experience with the change of seasons! These external factors disrupt the natural moisture barrier function often leading to tight, irritated, itchy, dehydrated and even flakey skin. Don’t worry though BIOEFFECT has you covered! Developed in Iceland, these skincare experts know how to create ultra-hydrating skin care that is pure and effective; your ultimate winter skin saviour.

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    Discover Our Merry Gift Sets.

    This year our Holiday Gift Sets are wrapped in a beautiful sleeve, decorated with unique artwork by acclaimed artist James Merry.

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    Proven Powerful Results.

    The EGF Power Cream is a new force in the fight against ageing.

  • AwardsPress

    BIOEFFECT Wins Marie Claire Sustainability Award.

    BIOEFFECT was crowned the WINNER for Best Use of Technology for Good in the Marie Claire’s first ever Sustainability Awards 2021! Marie Claire created these great awards to provide a way to champion brands doing good and making a difference in our crucially eco-conscious world - “Celebrating brands with purpose”.

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    The Power of EGF, Now in a Cream.

    We are so proud to introduce a new force in the fight against ageing: the BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream. This deeply nourishing, luxurious EGF cream is a multi-tasking miracle worker – targeting wrinkles, age spots, loss of firmness and density, as well as dehydration. It features a unique blend of potent plant actives that totally transform your complexion to look brighter and more youthful. It really is no wonder we have named it the EGF Power Cream.

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