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Ready. Set. Boost.

Lifestyle and skincare resolutions for the new year.

The start of a new year is a great time to review old habits and start creating some positive new ones. Here are our recommendations for healthy new habits for a happy new year! And remember – if you start your new skincare practices off with a bang at the beginning of January, you’ll be reaping the benefits come February.

Making New Habits Stick.

We are creatures of habit. We tend to function best when following a routine, and in fact many habits stay with us for an entire lifetime (be it deliberate or not). Following patterns is in our nature. This is why a lack of routine or a shift in habits can affect us, and not always positively. This is a feeling most of us are familiar with post-holidays. The start of a new year is the perfect time to welcome back the routine – with some positive improvements. There’s no time like the present!

Research varies as to how long it takes for a new habit to truly stick, but the general agreement is that it’s somewhere between 21 and 66 days. There are some new year lifestyle resolutions that are super easy to put in place, yet can make a big impact.

Here are our recommendations for some simple lifestyle improvements, and how you can intensely boost your skincare regimen for the better.

30 Day Treatment for a Restorative Boost.

As already mentioned, dedicating to new habits should take between 21-66 days. This makes the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment plan a fantastic way to kick-start your new year skincare habits. This innovative treatment contains a super potent age-defying serum treatment featuring 3 different Barley Growth Factors to tackle the most visible signs of aging; wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, and uneven skin tone. The product is specifically formulated as a highly concentrated boost to your regular skincare. The treatment comes in 3 small bottles each containing a 10-day supply, carefully securing the formulation’s quality and efficacy. When used twice daily, this supercharged serum treatment provides proven visible results, as confirmed in our in-house efficacy studies. Measured with the VISIA Skin Analysis System, results after 30 days showed up to:

  • 63% improvement in skin elasticity
  • 176% improvement in skin hydration
  • 84% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

For a limited time, we are offering this miracle-worker with a 20% discount!

Stay Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is an important element of optimal health and is integral to many body functions. Increasing your water intake could prove to be very beneficial for your overall health – and your skin, as it may boost skin elasticity and firmness, and balance hydration levels. To help you meet your hydration goals, one handy tip is to invest in a water bottle that you love. Choose one that you know you’ll use, that fits easily into your purse, and take it with you everywhere you go. Top it up throughout the day. If you tend to forget about it, set a digital diary reminder for the first few days! This one simple resolution is probably one of the biggest health improving decisions you will make all year.


Some of us may be suffering from lack of sleep, a biproduct resulting from all the late nights and even stress during the holiday season. Steer clear of erratic sleep patterns and make sure to bring back a healthy sleep schedule, getting your mind and body some well-deserved rest. Go to sleep at the same time every evening and wake up at the same time every morning – even during the weekend! The outcome is that our bodily functions and cycles operate efficiently, keeping our system strong and energized. Wonderful – and extremely important – things happen while we sleep, as quality sleep can cause our hormone levels to balance out, the immune system to improve, while enhancing our energy levels.

Also remember – our skin naturally repairs while we sleep. It turns out that beauty sleep really is a ‘thing’, as our skin rests and repairs itself; removing toxins, repairing cells and environmental damage, while replacing aging skin cells and creating new ones. Getting a good 8-hour sleep is very important to this overnight repair process as it allows enough time for your skin to heal itself from the day’s damage, ensuring that you wake up looking fresh and feeling rested.


Finally, here’s one more positive beauty habit to start the new year with; get in the habit of removing your makeup every night. Always important, but absolutely crucial post-holidays. Give your skin a detox and dedicate to cleaning it twice a day with an efficient cleanser that is gentle to the skin at the same time. Not only does this help with the renewal processes that goes on while we sleep, but old makeup can trap dead skin cells, preventing them from naturally exfoliating and possibly causing irritation and breakouts. Cleansing also helps to avoid the build-up of dirt and bacteria on your skin, as well as perfectly prepping skin for any follow-up products.

A Hydrating Skincare Routine.

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy by moisturizing morning and night. Start by cleansing your skin with our Micellar Cleansing Water for a fresh and clean canvas. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with our Volcanic Exfoliator for a glowing complexion. Prep your skin with our EGF Essence, especially if you're using products with our Barley Growth Factors. For maximum results, follow with our potent 30 Day Treatment and relax with our Imprinting Hydrogel Mask on for 15-20 minutes. The mask is specifically designed to deliver intense moisturization of the face to maximize the efficacy of BIOEFFECT serums and treatments. To lock in the moisture, complete your routine with the EGF Power Cream.

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