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Why Everyone Over 30 Needs the EGF Power Cream According to Dermatologist Dr. Anetta Reszko.

I’m a N.Y.C.-based, board-certified dermatologist that treats patients with a variety of skin conditions from cancer to acne. However, at the moment, one of the most popular requests from my patients is for skin tightening. Perhaps they are noticing it more as they emerge from the last 18 months of dealing with COVID, but it seems that patients are obsessing more than ever over wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin that is sagging.

EGF Power Cream

BIOEFFECT Power Cream.

Of course, there are many cosmetic procedures that I’m able to offer, but not everyone wants to pursue those types of treatments and others simply can’t afford it. For this reason, I was delighted to discover the new BIOEFFECT EGF POWER CREAM. It is a safe and effective topical alternative to injectables or other cosmetic procedures that delivered visible results in 90 days. This anti-ageing cream not only targets wrinkles, loss of collagen and elasticity – but so many other signs of ageing, I think it is essential for anyone with mature or ageing skin, but given the potent complex of ingredients and how they work, using this cream in your 20’s or early 30’s is also a great way to preserve your healthy, youthful skin for longer and help prevent those wrinkles and other signs of ageing from becoming visible.

The Science of the EGF Power Cream.

To truly appreciate the EGF Power Cream, it is important to understand the science at the heart of this moisturiser and all of BIOEFFECT’s skincare. When we are born, our skin is filled with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) proteins. But, by the time we enter our 20’s, we are already losing those valuable EGF proteins and collagen. It does take a decade and a half to clinically see the effects of the diminished collagen production. It’s between mid-30’s to 40’s when women and men start to notice the appearance of fine lines especially around the eyes and upper lip. This is why I always explain to all my patients how important it is to take care of your skin when you are young – hydrating the skin, reinforcing that skin barrier and maintaining healthy skin-rejuvenation processes to help it stay looking smooth, firm and youthful. I believe that people who use the EGF Power Cream when they are younger, are preventing the visible lines and other signs of ageing before they happen.

To help combat the visible effects of ageing skin, BIOEFFECT scientists worked for years to invent a way to produce a plant-based growth factor in Barley. As a result, when applying BIOEFFECT Barley EGF skincare, you are feeding your skin something it recognises and letting that protein start communicating with and reinvigorating all of those skin-rejuvenating processes. It’s nice to know that all those dermal mechanisms of EGF activation are still present as we get older. One would think those receptors would diminish or not have the same potency and ability to support our natural collagen production but it turns out they can. While it’s better to prevent in your 20’s, at 40, you still have EGF receptors that can still activate and give you so much clinical benefit.

If you are seeing more noticeable signs of aging or are over 35 and therefore in need of a more intensive routine, I recommend you use the EGF Serum first with the Power Cream on top. This is due to the cream’s additional components that do work by mechanism differently from the EGF Serum and, with both products, you get a more potent, synergist benefit.

Powerful Results.

When it comes to reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, there is no other cream on the market with the level of efficacy of EGF Power Cream. EGF Power Cream is not only an unequivocally superior product, but it provides results that are comparable to in-office procedures like injectables and laser resurfacing.

Here’s some highlights from the BIOEFFECT in-house study*:

  • Up to 53% Decrease in the Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Up to 36% Decrease in the Appearance of Age or Dark Spots
  • Up to 60% Increase in Skin Density, Skin Looked Plumper
  • Up to 58% Increase in Skin Elasticity, Skin Appeared Firmer
  • Up to 56% Improvement in the Appearance of Pores

*In-house scientific 90-day efficacy study using the VISIA Skin Analysis System, in which 50 participants used the EGF Power Cream twice daily.

Pure, Powerhouse Ingredients.

Not all growth factor products are created equal. BIOEFFECT is the only company in the world that uses plant-based barley EGF, potent antioxidants and scientifically-proven anti-inflammatory agents. Their patented BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream provides unparalleled biological activity that consistently results in visible skin improvement. I was fortunate enough to visit BIOEFFECT’s research facility in Iceland. I was truly impressed with their molecular genetic technology and the unmatched purity and efficacy of all ingredients in the EGF Power Cream.

The BIOEFFECT scientists created a new Barley EGF complex for the cream bringing it together with Barley Beta Glucan, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Squalane and a new breakthrough ingredient in skin care, Oridonin – all for a combined, synergistic anti-ageing effect.

When Barley EGF combines with Niacinamide and Beta Glucan, there’s a boost to new skin cells, minimises pore appearance, while helping keep skin smooth, lightening dark spots or age spots, evening out skin tone and brightening the complexion. This unique complex also boosts hydration, improves the appearance of wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness as well as calming and soothing the skin.

It also contains a new skincare ingredient, Oridonin, which is derived from a medicinal plant and has tremendous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Benefits like this are great for rosacea prone skin while still supporting the natural production of collagen. It’s a beautiful addition to the EGF Power Cream.

I’ve been personally using this cream for about three months now. The first thing I noticed was the intense hydration of the skin, and as I continued to use it, I noticed that the fine lines that are difficult to treat especially around the mouth were disappearing. I’m a believer! I love the EGF Power Cream. It’s rich and nourishing, melting into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It’s also wonderful for me to know that the product is hypoallergenic with only 23 ingredients. There is nothing in this formulation that is not essential. It’s as pure as it can possibly get. The product is also sustainably sourced, with plant-based ingredients grown in a geothermal greenhouse in Iceland. It’s truly clean and green and there is nothing in it that shouldn’t be there.

21st century skincare must be innovative, grounded in science and engineered to target both inner aging and external environmental factors. BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream is all of that, and more. it is the future of skincare.

Dr. Anetta Reszko M.D. Phd.