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How to Look After Inflamed and Sensitised Skin.

Our skin can become inflamed or overly sensitised by a variety of things. From environmental elements and seasonal changes to sun exposure, air pollution and overwhelming our skin with too many products and active ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ we have. We must be careful to take care of it, protecting and repairing our skin barrier through lifestyle and the skincare we choose.

The Importance of a Less Is More Approach to Skincare.

At BIOFFECT we always focus on a less is more approach. Formulating minimal skincare products that serve an effective streamlined routine. There are two reasons we choose to formulate with a minimal number of ingredients (in fact our best-selling EGF Serum has only 7 ingredients):

1. It reduces the chances of any ingredients compromising the efficacy of our Barley EGF. This is the hero ingredient that works hard to deliver hydrated, healthier, and plump skin.

2. Choosing to stick to only the most necessary ingredients means we limit the risk of skin irritation. Instead, alongside our use of plant-based growth factors we choose to use Icelandic water in our formulations as it is softer and kinder to the skin.

3 Ways to Look after Inflamed/Sensitised Skin.

1. Streamline your skincare routine to the most basic and effective care giving your skin a chance to replenish and repair itself. For the morning choose: Micellar Cleansing Water, EGF Essence (optional), EGF Serum or Day Serum, Hydrating Cream (optional), SPF. In the evening choose: Micellar Cleansing Water, Second Cleanse, EGF Serum, Imprinting Hydrogel Mask (optional), Hydrating Cream (optional).

2. Choose skincare that is both fragrance-free, alcohol-free and oil-free. This limits the number of potential skin irritants. Every single product in our BIOEFFECT range is fragrance-free, alcohol-free and oil-free to suit a spectrum of concerns from irritated/sensitised skin to general sensitive skin types. You can shop the full collection here.

3. For long term skin protection, choose our EGF +2A Daily Duo - a 2-step treatment of repair and protection. Step 1 is an intensely hydrating formulation of EGF and hyaluronic acid to increase skin volume, minimise the appearance of fine lines and rehydrate the skin. Step 2 is an antioxidant powerhouse of Ferulic and Azelaic acids which protect the skin against free radical damage. This is protection against typical skin irritants from air pollution, UV rays, dirt and other environmental aggressors and skin stressors. Together, this blend helps to minimise the skin redness, sensitivity, and inflammation that the above skin irritants can cause. Longer term use of the EGF +2A Daily Duo offers improvement to overall skin tone, reducing hyperpigmentation and boosting radiant, healthy skin.