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Stock up on BIOEFFECT for Summer.

Our UK retailers are open! Now is your chance to revamp your BIOEFFECT skincare regime and start prepping your skin for the summer – the season for minimal, natural makeup – so you can let your radiant, real skin shine. Stock up on your favourite BIOEFFECT products or try one of our bestsellers for spring.

Stock up on BIOEFFECT

Our EGF Essence is the perfect hydrating base layer, as it not only delivers a concentrated dose of hydration to the skin, in the form of Icelandic Water and moisture-locking Glycerine, but it also contains our signature EGF to help your skin keep hold of that moisture. Inspired by Asian skincare that uses these ‘miracle waters’ to boost hydration and prepare the skin to receive a serum. The EGF Essence is also a great stand-alone product for those that want a lighter texture (but with all the hydrating, anti-aging benefits) in the hotter summer months.

Achieve a healthy glow for the summer with the EGF Serum Spring Gift Set (value £160) which includes a full-size EGF Serum as well as a gorgeous BIOEFFECT tote bag made from recyclable cotton and luxury samples of our Micellar Cleansing Water and Volcanic Exfoliator. Perfect for the BIOEFFECT girl on the go.

Experience the rush of all-day moisturization with the Hydrating Cream, a deeply hydrating fragrance- and oil-free moisturizer. This refreshing water cream, formulated with pure Icelandic water, Barley EGF, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E, boosts skin’s moisture levels up to 35%. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft, smooth, and radiant for over 12 hours.

You can find BIOEFFECT at John Bell Croyden, where you will receive an exclusive gift with every purchase over £100, as well as Harrods, Face the Future, Fenwick, and Fortnum & Mason – or you can simply shop here at