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Artist Collaboration.

We partnered up with Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams to decorate our three annual holiday gift sets. The designs, created exclusively for BIOEFFECT, bring together the whimsical nature of the artist with our own pure, green, and clean philosophy. We are extremely proud of the joint effort resulting in magical pieces of art, mirroring Icelandic nature, wildlife, technology, and scientific innovation.

BIOEFFECT x Kristjana S Williams.

While designing the holiday gift sets, Kristjana drew inspiration from Icelandic nature and wildlife, but also BIOEFFECT's distinctive identity, which consists of purity, Icelandic origins, and innovation in the field of biotechnology. The resulting designs are mystical works of art featuring various phenomena, all strongly bonded to BIOEFFECT and Iceland itself.

Our Stories.


Holiday Gift Guide & Shopping Tips.

Looking for the best gifts for your mom, best friend, or even yourself? Here are some gift ideas PLUS tips to de-stress your annual holiday shopping.


A Proud Partner of The Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders.

The annual forum aims to positively develop the number of women in leadership positions.


Dry Skin: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment.

What causes dry skin, and what can we do about it? Here’s some info on dry skin, transepidermal water loss, UV radiation, photoageing, and hydrating ingredients.


Artist Collaboration: BIOEFFECT & Kristjana S Williams.

We partnered up with artist Kristjana S Williams to decorate our annual holiday gift sets. Here´s some inside info on Kristjana, her designs, and the amazing skincare bundles, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Olympic weighlifting, exercise, and skincare.

Interview with Helga Hlín.

Olympic weightlifting world champion challenges stereotypes about women and age.


All You Need to Know About Miniature Skincare On-The-Go.

Why everyone needs skincare on-the-go, skincare minis, and travel sizes.


The Inside Scoop on Our Most Potent Face Cream.

The EGF Power cream is a miracle worker targeting wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of skin ageing.


Why You Should Add a Facial Essence to Your Skincare Routine.

What do facial essences do, and how should you use them?

Woman Doing Yoga

Join Us for an Empowering Barre Class.

Exclusive Barre workout class for the BIOEFFECT community.


DIY Spa Treatment.

Here is our recipe for a simple DIY spa treatment.


TSA-Approved and Ready for Take Off.

Our top skincare picks for your next flight. Give your skin the in-flight treatment it deserves!

Post-Swim Skincare Routine.

Post-Swim Skincare Routine.

A few tips on what to keep in the swimming bag. Here is our take on the ideal swimming skincare routine!


What Is ‘Slugging’? Here’s What We Know About the Viral Skincare Trend.

With anything from snail facials to using lube as a primer, TikTok and Instagram have become one of the top sources when it comes to strange and obscure skincare and beauty trends.

EGF Power Cream

Why Everyone Over 30 Needs the EGF Power Cream According to Dermatologist Dr. Anetta Reszko.

I’m a N.Y.C.-based, board-certified dermatologist that treats patients with a variety of skin conditions from cancer to acne. However, at the moment, one of the most popular requests from my patients is for skin tightening. Perhaps they are noticing it more as they emerge from the last 18 months of dealing with COVID, but it seems that patients are obsessing more than ever over wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin that is sagging.

Results-Driven Innovation

Results-Driven Innovation.

The EGF Power Cream is a New Generation of face creams in the fight against ageing. This deeply nourishing, luxurious EGF cream is a multi-tasking miracle worker – targeting wrinkles, age spots, loss of firmness and density, as well as dehydration.

Marie Claire Sustainability Award

BIOEFFECT Wins Marie Claire Sustainability Award.

BIOEFFECT was crowned the WINNER for Best Use of Technology for Good in the Marie Claire’s first ever Sustainability Awards 2021! Marie Claire created these great awards to provide a way to champion brands doing good and making a difference in our crucially eco-conscious world - “Celebrating brands with purpose”.